Monday, August 31, 2009

Alexus Loring

Alexus "Lex" Loring
Age: Turned at 16
Parentage: half blood
Height/Weight: 6'5/250lb
Hair Colour: Dirty Blond
Eye colour: Green

Background: He is American, a boyscout, he was molested as a child, turned werewolf at 16 and sent to Atlantia. He is in love with someone, only one person, but he will never tell her, as she is in love with someone else, but no one else will do. He was Trelane's beta, before he was sent to Micheal's pack as a sign of trust.

Personality: He is a gentleman, but one that adapts well to his surroundings. He tries to blend in as much as possible. However he is strong and fast, and downright vicious when he needs to protect his pack leader.

What RPs they are involved in: Atlantia

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