Monday, August 31, 2009

Atropos Trelawney

Atropos Trelawney (At) was the oldest son of Nox Trelawney and Hemera Greengrass. Nox was the brother of Sybill Trelawney. Hemera was the aunt of Daphne and Asteria Greengrass. Although he descended from seers, he, like most of the recent family, did not possess the gift. The one exception was his brother, Hesiod, a strange boy who kept mostly to himself and never married. This was because Hesiod’s only recurring vision was that of his own death… no matter what he did to stop it… his death kept playing in his mind.

Atropos grew up in Venice, Italy. He was raised to believe a woman should be looked at and never heard, that her place was to serve and respect her man, and she would be loved in return. He also attended Hogwarts (Slytherin) but graduated a few years before Cly attended. She became an entrepreneur and used what money his parents left him to buy a few shops in London’s Knocturn Alley. But he missed his home land and left for Italy. He kept his family residence and began buying shops in Venice. He was a bachelor at heart, wanting a different woman in his bed every night or none at all.

That’s when he met Cly. The woman was a vision, she could care less about men, she was trying to make her fortune and did not give men the slightest bit of attention, until Atropos. She had a vision they would make lots of money together. So she followed the visions she would have and scorn him, but continued letting him faun over her, until she knew he didn’t want another woman. Cly was savvy and told him, she would be a great asset to him. She would tell him where and how to proceed in his business, thanks to her visions and he would keep her in a lifestyle she would be comfortable in. He was sold and proposed to her.

They married, but kept separate rooms. She would sleep with him when she needed to, following her visions. She was discrete, but took many lovers, and he remained in the dark. He insisted on having an heir, on continuing his lineage and she gave into his request. A vision told her not to find out the sex of the child, so she insisted on keeping it a surprise.

When the sperm fertilized the egg, Cly’s visions ceased to be. She grew depressed and her husband posted servants and elves to prevent her from taking her own life, or worse, that of his heir. Finally when her child was born, she promised herself she would never have another child again.

Atropos was most disappointed the child was female, but seeing the sight of his wife better, he figured his daughter would make him proud, and find herself a husband who could take over the family business. He had many aspirations for her, well, for her husband.

Atropos and Cly never really raised their daughter, they left that to the house elves. When she was good, they rewarded the elf, and if she did something they deemed bad, the elf would be punished severely. Cly would sometimes tie Cassandra up, gag her so she couldn’t scream and put her in a closet and lock her in there for a few days. All this without her husband’s knowledge. She was of the idea that the girl would need to fear her to respect her.

During Cassandra’s first year, Cly, became pregnant with one of her lover’s children. Her visions ceased again. Before she would “take care of the problem,” she was caught with her lover by Atropos. She blew up at him, and told him, husband or no, it was none of his business how many lovers she took, and what they did with her. Atropos took that as a horrible betrayal, not just the infidelity, but the manner in which she talked to him. She told him that if he was going to leave her, he needed to take Cassandra with him, but as their daughter hadn’t done as well as he thought she should have in school, he considered her Cly’s failure and decided he’d start over.

Even though Atropos wanted nothing to do with Cly and their daughter, he didn’t want Cassandra to be without parent. So when Cly told him she wouldn’t take the girl because she was pregnant with her lover’s son (she didn’t know it for sure, she was trying to get his goad,) he rounded on her, and with his wand tapped her belly. When the life inside her ceased to be, he looked into her eyes and allowed her to foresee what he’d do to her if she didn’t take care of their daughter.

Atropos is married to an Italian woman called Avara, by which they have a son. His heir. He does not like the man Cassandra chose to marry and has told her so.

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