Monday, August 31, 2009

Genie Vannacutt

(at 2 years old)
 (at 11 years old)
(at 15 years old)

Iphegenia "Genie" Cassandra Lorrenssith Vannacutt

DOB: 05/29/2067

Cassandra married Alex and had her triplets, the second born had fine features and lighter coloring, she called her Iphegenia "Genie" Cassandra Lorrenssith.

Genie and her brothers were moved from one home to another... but she always prefered visits to Nikolai's home.  He had the life... Gorgeous homes, food whenever you wished it, and any toys she would ever want.  She wished she lived with him.

Genie has never had a female friend, she only seemed to have male friends and even then... she tended to be the boss.  Genie had gone to a muggle elementary school, but her mother (who'd taken the job as school nurse there) took her out to home-school her, as the injuries the school nurse would need to fix up, were Genie's doing...

After her mother was no longer able to home-school the her and the her brothers, she decided Hogwarts had been good enough for her, it would be good enough for her daughter.

Models: Mackenzie Foy (11-14) ; India Eisley (15-18)

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