Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kaya Upta

Kaya Upta

Occupation: Slave (Whore)

Physical Appearance:
• Gender: Female
• Height: 4'10"
• Weight: 85 lbs
• Age: 15
• Hair Color: Brown
• Eye Color: Light Brown
• Ethnicity: Caucasian
• Physical Traits: She's a child and totally untouched.

Place of Birth: Ita

Date of Birth: April 2, 2544

Known Relatives:
Mother = Alkiri Upta
Father = Gabiltoe Upta

Allegiances: Alain Cristoffer

Background: Kaya is 15... her mind was that of an 8 year old. She was physically developed, but she wore baggy clothes not to be noticed. It wasn't good to be noticed on Ita. Unfortunately one day as she was bathing in a nearby stream, a man came and took her. She later learned her mother had needed money and sold her for labor. She wasn't strong enough for the labor the man had in mind, so he sold her to one of Mr. Cristoffer's agents. Kaya is a virgin for now... which makes her a very high commodity as a whore.

Notable Skills: Looking cute and helpless

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