Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sethos Vritra

Name: Sethos Vritra
AKA: Seth
Status: Doctor
Place of Birth: New Kasmir
Date of Birth: 11 November 2527 (Age 32/33 depending on what month it is in 2559)
Known Relatives: None alive.

Seth was born in New Kasmir to a housewife and a miner. He watched his mother be beaten over and over again by his father, and never be able to help her. Finally, when he was 14, poisoning his drink he killed the man he was never able to call dad. The authorities ruled it a suicide. He never told his mother. Seth has a very sadistic side. He became a doctor following in the foot steps of his idol.

He likes to defile things and people, he loves to dissect and has an affinity for knives. He is a bit of a sadist and likes young, untouched people. He likes things clean...

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