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Alessia Nicoletta Lupa

Alessia Nicoletta Lupa (Less to her friends)
DOB: February 23, 2034
Dates Attended Hogwarts: 2049-2052 (She came in 5th year as a transfer)
Marital Status: Single
Former Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Best Subjects: Ancient Runes and Divination
Least Favorite/Worst Subjects: CoMC
Pets: None
Previous Occupation: Professor at Final Academy
Current post: Professor of Ancient Runes


Less is sweet and rather gullible, she wants to be liked by everyone. She thinks students are there to learn, and want to be molded by her. She has a little bit of an accent, which she gets a bit embarrassed on. She loves the students, and as she can't have kids of her own she pampers them. She has an empathic quality in which when she sees a student sad, she is also sad. But don't turn your back on this snake... if she feels threatened, if she feels like it would help her, she can be viscious. Although she is rather lady like, she can be one of the guys.

That being said, the last few days leading up to the full moon she becomes impatient, and somewhat irritable. Once the full moon is gone, she will be tired and spent.


Eye Color: Blue
Hair: Dirty Blonde/Light Brown
Skin: Fair
Height: 5'8


Less has been a werewolf since she was 9 years old, when she was bitten while her parents were visiting friends in Yugoslavia. She carries a 14' Ebony wand with werewolf claw core. Born in Rome, Italy, February 23rd 2034, Less went to the local wizarding school, Bacchetta: Scuola di magia e Stregoneria. Unfortunatly due to a staff mix up, she harmed another student, and, at the urging of her Godfather, Valon Kazimeriz, had to be transferred to Hogwarts during her 5th year. Hogwarts had taken in other werewolf students, so her parents believe they had made the right choice.

She started a healer's intership, but quit after her first year because she didn't have the stomach to handle it. Remaining in London, she began writing muggle romance novels, and then continued to wizard ones.

When she turned 30, for her birthday, she traveled to Paris with friends and met a French man called Remí Devereux, who wanted to marry her. She stayed, while her friends returned to London. While in Paris she was offered a position at Beauxbaton where she taught Ancient Runes, but her relationship with Remí took a bad turn.

She found out that he was substituting her Wolfsbane potion with a forgetting potion and renting her out to the highest bidder to fight in underground werewolf fights. When she confronted him, he threatened to kill her using only the cruciatus curse. So she bided her time, until she applied to work at Final Academy and was offered a job. She left him without a trace of where she went. He is still looking for her.

Alessia taught Divination at Final Academy (as Runes was not a subject,) a secret school for dangerous students (werewolves, vampires, etc...) She arrived at the school, ready and eager to teach, but was met by staff sarcasm and bitterness, students fighting, trying to hurt one another. In the middle of this mess, just because life wasn't complicated enough, she started a relationship with one of the other professors… but things didn’t work out and when he left she applied at Hogwarts.

Less arrived at Hogwarts and reunited with her Godfather and her best friend, Iliana Morgan. Her first year, she regressed to 11 years old because of an ancient timeline placed by the ghosts. And at the end of her second year, she was asked by the headmaster and the DADA professor to make her condition known to the students by turning into a werewolf before them... but something went horribly wrong. The wolfsbane potion did not take effect and the cage fell apart like a house of cards. She attacked the headmaster and both were taken to St. Mungo's.

Pepe survived but became a werewolf. Alessia remained at Hogwarts and at the urging of the minister, who didn't want a scene with the werewolf community, and headmaster who just wanted her to be happy again, she was asked to become the Slytherin Head of House. She was well loved by her students. One day she was caught by her godfather kissing the headmaster, whom she was having a very casual relationship with. Unbeknown to her, the old man cast an imperious curse on the man, and he proposed marriage. Talk about a shotgun wedding!

It was all thwarted when
Remí returned, tried to get her back by attempting to kill the headmaster, murdering the previous Head of Slytherin House instead, and kidnapping the current Headmaster. Alessia believed Pepe had cold feet and ran away. When Remí finally made his presence known, she was willing to give herself up for the students' safety, but her godfather would not have it, and, along with the new Headmaster saved the students, and Alessia.

Not wanting to cause anymore strife at Hogwarts Alessia accepteda job teaching Runes and Excavation at WU in Norway. There is where Pepe came to see her. He explained everything... and although she was relieved, she was saddened as well... They could no longer see each other... it would no longer be a casual relationship. Which was what he wanted... whilst she fell in love. He left and she has not seen him


Feb 23 2034 - Born
Feb 2035 - Age 1
Feb 2036 - Age 2
Feb 2037 - Age 3
Feb 2038 - Age 4
Feb 2039 - Age 5
Feb 2040 - Age 6
Feb 2041 - Age 7
Feb 2042 - Age 8
Feb 2043 - Age 9
June 2043 - Werewolf bit her
Feb 2044 - Age 10
Feb 2045 - Age 11
Sept 2045 - Starts First Year at Bacchetta
Feb 2046 - Age 12
June 2046 - Ends First Year at Bacchetta
Sept 2046 - Starts Second Year at Bacchetta
Feb 2047 - Age 13
June 2047 - Ends Second Year at Bacchetta
Sept 2047 - Starts Third Year at Bacchetta
Feb 2048 - Age 14
June 2048 - Ends Third Year at Bacchetta
Sept 2048 - Starts Fourth Year at Bacchetta
Feb 2049 - Age 15
Feb 28 2049 - Bit another child
Mar 2049 - Was made to leave Bacchetta
Mar 2049 - August 2049 - Stayed with Valon Kazimeriz
Sept 2049 - Starts Fifth Year at Hogwarts
Feb 2050 - Age 16
June 2050 - Ends Fifth Year at Hogwarts
Sept 2050 - Starts Sixth Year at Hogwarts
Feb 2051 - Age 17
June 2051 - Ends Sixth Year at Hogwarts
Sept 2051 - Starts Seventh Year at Hogwarts
Feb 2052 - Age 18
June 2052 - Graduated Hogwarts
Feb 2053 - Age 19
Feb 2054 - Age 20
July 2054 - Starts Healer Internship
Feb 2055 - Age 21
May 2055 - Ends a failed Healer Internship
June 55 - Jan 64 - Lived in London on her Parents money, writing romance novels and children's books both muggle and wizard.
Feb 2064 - Age 30
Feb 2064 - Goes to Paris Meets Remi
Sept 2064 - Starts Teaching at Beauxbaton
Aug 2066 - Runs away from Remi
Sept 2066 - Starts teaching at Final Academy
Feb 2067 - Age 33
Sept 2067 - Starts teaching at Hogwarts
Feb 2068 - Age 34 (but regressed to 11)
June 2068 - Regression fixed. (Now she doesn't like Truebs and Bunz)
Sept 2068 - Second Year at Hogwarts
End of May/Early June 2069 - Bit Headmaster as a werewolf at assembly.
Feb 2069 - Age 35
Sept 2069 - Third Year at Hogwarts
Jan 2070 - Got Engaged to Headmaster Pepe
Feb 2070 - Age 36
Sept 2070 - Fourth Year at Hogwarts
Feb 2071 - Age 37
May 2071 - Nearly fell into the clutches of Remí
June 2071 - Leaves Hogwarts for Norway
Sept 2071 - Starts 1st year at WUNorway
Feb 2072 - Age 38
Sept 2072 - Starts 2nd year at WUNorway
Feb 2073 - Age 39
Sept 2073 - Starts 3rd year at WUNorway

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