Monday, August 31, 2009

Ruth Maylor

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Ruth Maylor

Miss Maylor at 24 is the youngest caretaker yet at the school.

During the day her baggy robes cover her body and her hair is usually tightly braided or up in a loose bun. She wears no makeup and her face usually covered in soot. She is rather quiet, and keeps to herself mostly. It's no wonder no one recognized her at the ball.

Ruth was left in a park as an infant. She knows not who her parents were, but she was raised by the muggles who Found her. They didn't care she was a witch when she started showing signs...

What Ruth herself doesn't know is she is a pureblood, she would never search her identity, or the parents who abandoned her. She is happy living the life of a muggle... so she went to muggle schools. Her adoptive parents however, struck a deal with her. She could attend muggle schools, but she couldn't deny her heritage and got a tutor for her to study magic at home.

It is quite ironic that Ruth found a job as caretaker of a school she never wanted to attend. But the people were nice, and she didn't have to hide the fact she was a witch

RP involved in: End of Darkness

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