Monday, August 31, 2009

Artem Flagent

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Name: Artem 'Art' Flagent
Wand: Holly, Unicorn Hair core
Age: 15
House: Unicorn

Personality: Art is a rather cold boy. He doesn't talk to anyone. This makes him appear rude, but he could care less.

Description: Art has blonde hair and blue eyes. He is 5'3 and is rather slim.


Art was born in Greece to muggles. When he was younger he used to write. Poetry, short stories, anything. He had a secret, at least one he thought was just about him. He could make things happen. He hid this secret from everyone in his life, until one day a boy at his school saw him start a flame by accident. He promised he wouldn't tell anyone. His name was Theodore.

They were inseperable after that. They did everything together. But as usual, children are cruel, and the other kids made fun of the two boys friendship. Theo would just be angry with the others but in Art's heart, he knew Theo was more than just a friend.

One day as the usual gang of kids were teasing the boys, Art stood and said "Would that really be so bad? If I cared for him?" The gang of kids ran away laughing and screaming nasty demeaning words. Art didn't care, but as he turned around, his face met with Theo's fist. "Don't ever come near me again, fag" Theo said. The boy then told everyone he was a freak with powers and not to go near him.

Art kept to himself from that day on.

Art's parents had decided to move to England when they received a letter from the McMillian School in Scotland, letting them know that should they ever decide to move to England, their son would be cared for at their school. So they pulled the boy out and moved.

RP: End of Darkness

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