Monday, August 31, 2009

Temporania Flagent

Temporania "Tem" Flagent Wand: *None* Age: 17 Personality: Tem is a rather cold girl. She doesn't talk to anyone except to maybe make a sarcastic comment. This makes her appear rude. But she cares not. Description: Tem has blonde hair and green eyes. She is 5'3 and is slim. Witch/Wizard/muggle: Muggle Werewolf/Vampire/hybrid/Powers: Powers. What Power: She is a weak Pyro. Her flames are small Strengths: 1. Can produce fire 2. Is skilled with knives 3. Excels at writing 4. Is always calm under pressure 5. Can close her mind so no one can read it Weaknesses: 1. Will burn if attacked by fire 2. Her fire isn't very powerful 3. Is very quiet 4. Doesn't pay attention to her surroundings 5. Is a muggle so has no magic History: Tem was a pretty muggle girl. When she was younger she used to write. Poetry, short stories, anything. She had a secret, she could create small fires in her hands. She hid this secret from everyone in her life, until one day a boy at her school saw her start a fire by accident. He promised he wouldn't tell anyone, partly because he too had the same secret. He showed her that he too could make fire and he could also create electricity. His name was Theo Runner. They were inseperable after that. They did everything together. He even taught her how to use knives to defend herself. She fell for him, hard and loved him with all of her heart, and he seemed to feel the same about her. She gave him a key and said, "This is the only key that unlocks my heart. You are the only person I want to have it." The boy lived with his father, who was an odd fellow, and after a long absence from school Theo took her aside and confessed to her he was a werewolf. She at first did not believe him, but after she saw his cursed wounds, she held him in her arms and told him she didn't care, that she too had a few days each month she should be caged. But one day Theo's father was found dead, stabbed by one of Theo's knives, and Theo was gone. She found a note on her nightstand that simply said "I'm sorry...T.R." Tem later found out he had moved in with his mother and she never saw him after that. Tem continued practicing her knife skills and continued her schooling, but she never let another boy get close to her. She was cold and rude and hardly even spoke to the boys at her school. This made her very much hated. One day she was walking home from school when 6 members of the football team surrounded her and attacked her. They were about to 'Teach her a lesson in manners' by raping her, when he was instantly set one of them on fire. Although it scared the boys off, the one who was burned wasn't killed nor burned badly, but her secret was no longer secret. The boys told on her and the authorities came to apprehend her. The head of the police however was a wizard and instead of reporting it to his supervisors, he sent her to Final Academy. Died at the hands of Brann Gnister.

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