Monday, August 31, 2009

Brann Gnister

Name: Brann Gnister
Gender: Male
Wand: Ebony (treated to be fire retardant) with Phoenix feather core
Age Bitten: 15
Personality: Brann was spoiled, we always got what he wanted, no matter what it was. He's arrogant and mean, and he hardly ever apologizes for anything, and when he does, it's for alterior motives. He trusts no one.

Description: He has red hair, but everytime he blazes up it burns to a gray or black, which then grows back in red. His eyes are reddish brown and he is lean and very muscular for his age. He was bitten at 15, but could pass for 20.

Werewolf/Vampire/Power: Vampire
What Power: Pyrokinesis & Telepathy (Recently Discovered)

1. Brann IS fire, he can hurt someone just by touching them
2. Brann is a vampire. He can attack without weapons of any kind and has superspeed.
3. Brann is just discovered he can read minds.
4. Brann is fearless. Nothing scares him, not even death
5. Brann isn't like other boys, his mind and feelings cannot be read.

1. He will die if submerged in water. (Not immediatly but he can't swim and he is more susceptible to water than any other pyro.
2. His restraints do not work fully... so it is dangerous to touch him. Which means he never has felt someone's tough, that is a mental weakness
3. Being a vampire he has all the weaknesses associated with that (cannot be in direct sunlight, can be killed by being staked, needs blood to survive.)
4. Brann IS fire, he doesn't really control it, he IS it.
5. He's a hothead. He has an out of control temper

History: Brann is a halfblood wizard from Norway. He was unfortunate enough to burn his muggle mother alive from the inside out, when he was born. His father called him Brann, which means fire in Norwegian. (His last name means Sparks)

His father, a pureblood wizard who married a muggle, tried to shield him from any harm. However, when a neighbor girl ended up in the hospital with first degree burns, it was then that his father needed to make drastic changes.

Brann can ignites a minumum of 460 degrees farenheight in .07 seconds, and goes to a maximum of 3000 degrees which melts steel. He can control the fire that flames up from his hands, but he cannot stop it from coming out on his own. His father had engeneered for him hand and arm guards to prevent him from constantly being on fire. To access the flames within him, he breaks the red covers on his palms by clapping his hands together.

As his wife's wish, Brann's father tried to raise him a muggle and sent him to muggle elementary school. But the first time he was teased for the color of his hair, Brann blazed up and burned down the entire school, killing 3 children and one teacher. His father, who'd covered up the incident as an accident, realized Brann needed to be in an environment that cared for boys like him.

His first year at Final Academy, he befriended a young vampire girl, Delia. They spent every night doing homework, studying and just being friends, until the coldest winter in years. Delia seemed strange. She, as well as other vampires, were having a dry winter; no fresh blood. Brann confronted her, and she began to cry. He held her close, and as he did, the smell of his warm flesh and his hot blood, was too much for Delia. She told him to stay away from her, but Brann told her she could bite him, and take a small amount of blood, if she needed. He convinced her. She bit into his neck and the taste of his blood was so wonderful, she didn't stop when he asked her to. When she finally let go, feeling both betrayed and angry, Bran confronted her. She became angry and told him how hard it was to be a Vampire and she slit her hand daring him to try the taste, try how it felt. He did. He then pushed her to the floor. Now that he knew how she felt, he was determined to make her feel what he felt. He clapped his hands, and in a matter of seconds, burned her to cinders.

As he had bites to show for it, it was classified self defense. The teachers and ministry officials were in trouble for not having provided enough for the vampires to eat and now they had another, sired right in the school. But all Brann cared about was that for the third time, he got away with murder.

Last term Brann met Xander who is the only person that can touch him and fell in love with the boy. Pocelain Adams became his girlfriend so the professors would think he would keep him off the 11 year old boy.

Porcelain was bit by Meagan and left to die in the common room so Brann finished the job and turned her into a vampire with a blood bond to him.

At the ball, Brann feeling sorry for Zephyr that he wouldn't have sex with his date, gave him a aphrodesiac and it backfire when the boy killed another student.

Over the summer Brann received a letter from Sebastian, Porcelain's brother, that said the boy she was promised to was abusing and raping Porcelain. So he ran to her rescue and killed the guy, bringing his total kills to 8 not including the one Zephyr killed.

Deaths claimed by Brann:

1. Svana Gnister (his mother)
2. Kadlin Jora (child from the muggle school)
3. Ricktor Kamen (child from the muggle school)
4. Maeva Aesa (child from the muggle school)
5. Gunnar Rurik (teacher from the muggle school)
6. Delia Gardner (vampire student at FA that sired Brann)
7. Porcelain Adams (telepath/telekinetic student at FA whom he sired)
8. Jason Wheeler (Porcalain's Betrothed)
9. Tem Flagent

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