Monday, August 31, 2009

Trevor Gabel

He's a 25 year old. Trevor's father Myles, was a muggle born wizard in the small muggle village of Clovelly. When the villagers discovered he was a wizard, they turned on him and took matters into their own hands by breaking his wand and tying him in the center of the village, and getting ready to burn him. Before they could do so a convertible passed through the village. The witch in the car, looked at the wizard and instantly fell in love with him.

The witch's husband stopped the car at her request, and she, stupifying everyone in her way, saved Myles. The witch explained to Myles she too was a witch and she'd imperioed a wealthy man and married him. Her name was Mia.

Mia and Myles were lived in her husband's home. Myles was the family driver. Mia concieved a child, a girl. Mia named her Donatella and gave her her husband's last name. Myles was furious, but did not oppose her, but when she then gave birth to a son, Trevor, Myles insisted the boy have his last name and Mia agreed.

Trevor grew up in an odd household. His sister was treated as the wealthy daughter, of a muggle man, but he was treated as a servant boy... but Trevor loved her dearly and took care of her any way he could. They both were sent to Hogwarts. Donatella was a Hufflepuff... and Trevor was a Ravenclaw. He excelled at every subject, but when his sister fell ill, he quit the school and set to taking care of her. Her Healers and Muggle Doctors couldn't save her, and she passed away, if was then that Trevor decided he was going to be Healer.

RP Involved in: Robes

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