Monday, August 31, 2009

Reinhard Ving

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Reinhard Ving

He is the night Manager for "Howl at the Moon" Rini's Night Club. He came there as a last resort. He'd left his home to make his fame and fortune, as his father wanted him to go into the family business, slaughtering cows. His father told him he was good for nothing, and he needed the discipline a real job would give him.

As Reinhard tried to make his way in modelling and acting he wasn't getting anywhere, and his father was constantly on his mind. Reinhard had to sell himself to other men, to attempt to retain the squallid arrangements he had. He was ready to crawl bad to his father, an option he thought would never happen, when he saw the add for dancers at Howl at the Moon.

He auditioned for Rini, who seemed pleased with him and gave him a chance and a place to live, that was better than the room he was renting. Reinhard was determined not to let Rini down. He worked hard for her, and making sure to report to her anything he saw that he thought she should know. He was quickly promoted to night Manager. He was happy as dancer, he hadn't been looking for a promotion... and he continued trying to be Rini's right hand man.

RP involved in: End of Darkness

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