Monday, August 31, 2009

Mina Valentine & Pack

The Leader

Name: Mina Valentine
Age: 14
Height/Weight: The Perfect Height and Weight
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Species: Vampire

Background: Mina Valentine was a psychotic beauty who believed she was beautiful, but not perfectly so. Always searching for perfection, not a single strand of her beautiful blonde hair could ever be out of place. Famous for her insane tantrums, her parents sent her to a school for disturbed children.

Her favorite passtime was to hackle the women she deemed uglier than she in the street neerby, until one lashed back. The woman moved fast, and bit her neck drinking deep. When she pulled off Mina was stunned and weak, and dropped her wand. "You think you are more beautiful than me?" the woman said in anger... "We'll see how stunning you look, after I disfigure your pretty little face." The woman bit Mina's face twice, leaving a savage bite mark over her cheek and one just as grusome over her eyebrow. She had bitten her three times. She let the child fall to the ground, still alive, and laughing meniacally, the woman left, never to be seen again.

Mina was taken to the local hospital where she was told cursed wounds would never heal. Finally giving up on achieving perfection, Mina waited for the healers to leave and took her own life.

Mina awoke in the hospital morgue, her skin pale and untouched, perfect again. Her hair silky and untouched. Although she had finally achieved perfection, she'd never be able to view it, as vampires do not have a reflection.

Personality: Mina is viscious and craves power, so when Trelane showed up at the school wearing 'the ring.' She wanted to take him as her mate, but he refused her and although she could charm him, he never gave in to her.
What RPs they are involved in: Atlantia

The Entourage:

Name: Cat Sutterly
Age: 13
Height/Weight: 5'4
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Species: Pyrokinetic Telepath

Background: Had pyrokinetic abilities from birth, but they aren't well developed, so she is no threat to vampires. Clutched onto Mina because she needed to be protected.

Personality: Typical blonde, dumb as a doornail. Does everything she is told to do.

What RPs they are involved in: Atlantia

Name: Jess Primalcane
Age: 14
Height/Weight: 5'3
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Species: Werewolf

Background: Bitten when she was 3 years old, she is ashamed of being what she is, dirty, maingy, so she attached herself to Mina, as to pretend she isn't a werewolf but a vampire. Of course other werewolves can smell she is one of them and vampires can sense she isn't their kind. So all this accomplished was that she needed to remain under Mina's protection to survive, as werewolves can't stand the fact that she was so ashemed to be one of them she went with a vampire.

Personality: Viscious and agrees with anything Mina says. Speaks in rhymes...

What RPs they are involved in: Atlantia


They travel in a pack, usually accompanied by a group of "lesser" Vampires:

Tagred, Anca, Seth, Nikolai, Vince and Dalenka:

What RPs they are involved in: Atlantia

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