Monday, August 31, 2009

Sky Nox

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Name: Sky Nox
January 1, 2016
Age/Year at start of RP: 17 (is now 18)
Class: Seventh Year Phoenix

Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Sky Blue
Physical: He's about 6'1, attractive, though not drop dead gorgeous. He's rather fit. His smile is his best feature.

Pet(s): He has a crup at home.

Wand: 12 inch, cherry, phoenix feather core

Background: Sky, Halfblood, has been at McMillian all 7 years, but unless he was playing quidditch (he's a chaser,) he's studying demons and how to hunt them with any free time he had. He has found out about Ella and her possession, and intends to study her... which is why he's going out of his way to start wooing her. Though, he does find her very cute and is falling for her hard.

He's a regular Sir Gallahad, always wanting to save the damsel in distress. He likes to be in control, because he can ensure the girls will have a great time.

He is of Slavic descent, and has family in Sweden. He has a sister at McMillian, a first year named Stella in shrake.

RP involved in: End of Darkness

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