Monday, August 31, 2009

Ariel Moyer

DOB: August 29, 2044
Dates Attended Hogwarts: 2055-2062
Marital Status: Single
Former Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Best Subjects: Arythmancy
Least Favorite/Worst Subjects: Potions
Pets: Pygmypuff
Previous Occupations: Shopkeeper, Quibbler Journalist and Waitress
Current post: Professor of Ancient Runes


Ariel Moyer is a blonde.


The muggleborn beauty was born in Sheffield, to a pair of muggles that wanted to become rich. Of course that wasn't easy, but they made sure Ariel knew the value of a quid.

When Ariel got her Hogwarts letter she really didn't know what it meant... but they wanted her. So she went. She was sorted into Hufflepuff and realized then... Hey! I'm a witch. She made lots of friends in her house, she was bubbly and a bit of a ditz... well, I use the term "bit" loosely. Her parents didn't get she was a witch... so, during the summer they'd send her to camps to enhance her schooling... Horsebackriding, Ballet, even Cheerleading. Her best friends recall the time they were cheering and Ariel forgot her name. It wasn't that she forgot... it was more that her mind can only hold a few things at once.

She worked as a waitress during her college years, but she didn't do well in any subject but math... she liked money. Addition meant more money. Though she liked money, she is sweet, and nice, and not greedy at all! During her college years, she met a drummer for a rock band. Though they went out for 3 years, she wasn't his girlfriend because he needed to be 'free'... She got that. Ariel wasn't a jealous person.

When she turned 24, she apprenticed for Madame Malkins Robes for all occasions. Where she loved getting tips. After that she began a job at the Quibbler. She kept up with all the who's who in the wizarding world, so she knew a lot of where people were going to be etc... but she misunderstood and misquoted a lot, even for the Quibbler! So she got fired. On her 26th birthday, her great aunt passed and left Ariel quite a large sum of money. Ariel bought the Robes shop outright, but clothes were not were the money was... WANDS... so she sold her shop and bought Ollivanders.

She loved the socialites and wishes to be one, but until then, she waitressed for catering companies so she can go to these events. She loves animals of any kind and would love to run a zoo one day... maybe next year... She is currently dating Teal Andrus who was the department head for Magical Creatures at the Ministry.

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